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We want to know what you think of Momentum Australia.
If your situation is urgent, can we recommend you seek medical or specialist help, ahead of contacting us.

We at Momentum Australia, would love to hear from you to assist you grow in faith, and deal with issues which are impacting negatively on your life. We do that in multiple ways.

Firstly, we encourage you to give us sufficient information to help us to help you. You need to know that any information you provide, will be held in the strictest confidence, and, other than our direct team, will not be shared with anyone for any reason – it is a personal dialogue between you and the Momentum Australia. In contacting us, you are giving us permission to reach out to you”.

Secondly, we recommend the use of the Discussions which is real and raw – men talking about their own experiences in life and how they have overcome.

Thirdly, if Momentum Australia has helped you in any way, please tell us. We welcome your feedback.

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