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Momentum is a not-for-profit organisation registered in NSW, Australia with a purpose of supporting men as they endeavour to live better.  It is funded through private donation, and the support of a number of individuals and organisations who see the need to help men, in a Christian context, to recognise and deal with issues in their lives.

The radio component of the outreach enables Momentum to reach into the homes and lives of men who often wouldn’t consider going to a church or place of worship, but would be prepared to listen to a 30 minutes weekly discussion topics which is directed to men. The subjects include: fatherhood, how to be a good husband, relationships, pornography, depression, suicide, substance abuse, etc.

Underpinning the radio show is our website and other social media outlets, as well as the ability to connect men in their local community with other men who are prepared to get alongside and support.

All donations to Momentum are used solely to support this ministry, and Momentum has no specific church affiliation, other than associations with any Christian willing to engage and support men in its community.

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