Tim and Des talk to Cindy McGarvie, National Director of Youth for Christ, who is a forthright and direct woman who knows and speaks her mind on the important subjects of life. In this show she talks about the role of women and mothers and what has changed that has made the role much more difficult. Listen to podcast.

About our Guest

Cindy McGarvie

Cindy McGarvie serves as National Director of Youth for Christ Australia. She met her husband Rod in the Australian Army and together they went on to serve in Uganda and Tanzania as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators for twelve years, raising five children on the mission field. She serves on the board of Australian Institute of Family Counselling (aifc) and Wycliffe Australia. In 2020 she published her second book, Lost Boys: Bring Them Home, which has brought her to the fore as a cultural thought leader. Her new book, The Next Revolution: Resisting the Cult of the Self was published in June 2022. She writes a Lost Boys blog and has a passion to see young men reach their full potential. Cindy and her husband live in Northern Rivers, NSW.

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