According to 2016 research, there were about 5.7 million children in Australia. Estimates are that roughly 8% of boys, and 20% of girls are abused each year. Sadly and alarmingly, 90-95 percent of those instances have been committed by men. This show delves into this in greater detail and explores some of the effects of this abuse.

Please be aware that the content of this show can be sensitive and may trigger some listeners. Listen to this podcast with care.

About our Guest

Steve Wickham

Steve has been a tradesperson, a port safety advisor, had his own business and currently works as an investigator and health and safety consultant for DFES (Department of Fire and Emergency Services) in Western Australia. Currently, he is an associate pastor, he has pastored in 4 churches, and been a pastoral supervisor. He has been a school chaplain, is a counsellor, and a couples counsellor. He has counselled and mentored elite basketball players and coaches and been a counselling consultant at 3 churches. He works through the 12 steps program with individuals and groups struggling with sex addiction. He is a marriage and funeral celebrant. He has had some of his writing published in a study bible and is an author of 2 books. On a personal note, has been divorced and is remarried; is a father, a grandfather and has experienced the loss of a child. He has also experienced trauma, PTS and bullying, is a reformed alcoholic, and a former bodybuilder.

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