As Christian men, it is important that we are prepared to take a stand for the things that are important to us, our families and our faith. One organisation that takes up these fights in a legal sense on our behalf is the Human Rights Law Alliance. To give us some insight into what they do, and how we as men can stand up for our faith, is a solicitor at HRLA – Thomas Grover. Listen to podcast.

About our Guest

Thomas Grover

Growing up in a Christian Family in a “Christian” country, Thomas committed his life to the Lord in his formative years. Having been a solicitor working in the commercial world, Thomas felt a calling to ministering as a solicitor protecting the rights of faith and so he joined HRLA and fights for the rights of Christians in society.

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  1. Craig.A.S.Evans August 21, 2022 at 2:57 am - Reply

    😇 Hello Tim and Des, My name is Craig.A.S.Evans of Penrith NSW and the Blue Mountains. I have been enjoying listening to your Momentum program on Vision Christian Radio 1611 AM. Bless you all. Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you all. Us Saints really need to submit ourselves to God and humble ourselves before Him and come near to God and seek Him with all of our hearts. To Repent and turn to our Lord Jesus Christ and Believe in Him. Have a blessed, good, happy day and the rest of your life.
    Craig.A.S.Evans 😀

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