This is a 3-part series on relationships with Wayne and Janet. Part 1 is with Wayne. His story is one of transformation – from anger, rage and anxiety to owning and working through pain and letting God in to heal brokenness. Listen to podcast.

About our Guest


Wayne was born into a strong Christian family. He grew up going to church twice a week and his family lived and breathed godly living. He rebelled at 20 and went to explore the world. He met his 1st wife at 21 and had 2 beautiful daughters. He came back to God but really didn’t have a heart relationship with his Heavenly Father. His first marriage fell apart so Wayne ran to God and started to understand what a true relationship with Him could look like. He met Janet and thought entering into a second marriage would be an easy ride. What he hadn’t done at that point was deal with his hurts from his first wife leaving him for another woman and also the impact the divorce had on his finances.

Wayne and his beautiful wife Janet now both help couples struggling with marriage issues and believe that any marriage can make it if two people humble themselves before God. Wayne has a passion for men who are lost, broken, experiencing hopelessness, anxiety and just don’t know how to cope. He longs for men to understand the responsibility they have and what it truly means to be a Godly husband.

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