It’s a sad reality that over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the numbers of men who elect to end their own lives prematurely through suicide.

What is tragic is that the outcome could have been different.

Its so important in Australia (and worldwide) that we continue to encourage men that it’s perfectly fine, normal and healthy to talk about their feelings and how they’re feeling.

Holding everything in and struggling or suffering in silence, doesn’t have to be the only option for men, and we as a community can help men who might not be coping, if we know what to look for.

We now know that most people who end their lives exhibit warning signs through their behaviour or what they say. Most will show at least one or two of the following signs, but could exhibit more. (1) Talking or writing about suicide, feeling hopeless, no reason to live, being a burden to others, and (2) changes in behaviour: Giving away possessions, posting goodbyes, isolation, acting recklessly.

Searching for a way to end their life, such as stocking pills, looking to buy a gun, etc

Talking to Someone About Suicide. Suspecting or learning a friend or loved one is contemplating suicide can be overwhelming and frightening. However, talking to them is the first step in preventing suicide.

Some talking tips include:

  • Don’t wait for them to bring up the topic
  • Ask direct questions in a sensitive way
  • Show genuine concern
  • Don’t be judgmental
  • Never act shocked by what they might express to you

Let them know you understand it may seem there is no other way out of their pain, but that suicide is never the answer, treatment does exist and you will support them in seeking the help they need.

Ask if they have thought about how they would carry out a suicide. If they are able to give you a specific plan, DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE and do whatever you can to remove items like firearms, pills or other drugs, razor blades, extension cords – anything they could use to seriously hurt or kill themselves.

A Christian Response to Suicide

September 30th, 2019|

A tragic passing of a Southern Californian pastor who struggled with mental illness. One big question to come from that was 'if you commit suicide, do you go to hell?' Pastor Jeremy brings some clarity from the word of God. Watch the video.

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