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A Christian Radio Ministry to men, to help them find faith in Christ, and also to find fellowship, camaraderie, openness, honesty, and support around other men in Momentum small groups.

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“Absolutely powerful , thanks for sharing guys!!”

Dolan E.

“I have found so much gold now in the first 16 episodes. The biggest battles I have to overcome are in my job, anxiety and relationships which I believe you address. Some wonderful testimonies. By the way, thanks to you [Des] and Tim. I’m inspired by both of your testimonies and how real you guys are and your guests.”


“I’ve listened to the podcasts and commend all the voluntary work Des and Tim put into this show. It’s a much needed ministry.”

Amanda Anderson

Momentum Program on Radio

Our Momentum program is played on the following radio stations with the newest additions of Darwin’s 97 Seven and Flow FM:

103.9 HopeFM Esperance

1WAY FM Canberra

1039 Life FM Gippsland

105.1 Life FM Bendigo

1079 Life Adelaide

96five Family Radio Brisbane

Darwin’s 97 Seven (NEW)

Flow FM (NEW)

Rhema 99.9 Port Macquarie

Rhema 99.7 Newcastle

Rhema 89.7 FM Tamworth

Rhema FM Manning Great Lakes

98five Sonshine FM (NEW – February 2022, Sunday 9pm)

Vision Christian Radio (NEW – 2022)

Hope 103.2 (Sydney, NSW) is planning to take the show. Stay tuned.

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Feedback from Our Listeners

“I have listened to Episode 1 of Momentum, and, unbelievably, can relate in so many ways.”

“Thank you for that, brother, I’m in Episode 5 now so will catch up pretty quick. I must say well done on this podcast – it’s truly amazing, and God’s work. The ‘having no real father figure’ or rather the lack of a true father figure growing up has been a major issue for me but knowing that my father is God and that he has been my constant without even realising it is truly incomprehensible. The early podcasts are insanely impactful for me. I’ve shared it with my closest friends in South Africa and they are truly touched. Thank you for all that you do, brother.”

Dolan E.

“I enjoyed the podcasts I’ve heard, gives us ladies some insight into men’s issues too!”

Sue Bullen
“Thank you for your program on forgiveness of a dad…I have disliked my father for 59 years and even since he died, when I was 19, I’ve blamed him for unhappiness in my career, and family life…as your guest spoke, I had to stop my car because I was crying with forgiveness, thanking Jesus, and I have freedom at last…dad is forgiven and I’m learning to forgive myself.”
From a listener
“It’s a amazing ministry you are involved in Des – have listened to some of the shows very well done and good info. God is using you in a very special way.” 😃 🙏🏻 👍
Colin Jones

“I really like the program and it’s probably one of the best presented ‘Men’ programs I’ve come across, so well done.”

Content Director , A radio station in Adelaide