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Brett Ryan
on addictions and overcoming them
Available from 29 July 2024

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“My life will not be defined by the mistakes I have made. It will be defined how how I handled them, and how they changed me. This was my desperate prayer to God a week into my 6 year prison sentence. Momentum is today a part of God’s answer to that prayer.”

“Momentum is so powerful and essential for me as it not only tackles real issues but provides solutions as well. There’s always a concept that sticks with you such as ‘safe places’ or ‘rewiring the brain’.

It’s helped me take a step of faith and start sharing on a deeper level. An absolutely indispensable ministry for today’s men. Bless you guys. And keep up good work, Des and team.”


“Hey Des, our great privilege to use the show, which are excellent every week. Lately, I’ve had a number of listeners thank you for the programs. They’re of such a high standard.”

Peter G Stanton, 105.1 Life FM
“Hi Guys, At last. Real Talk about men’s issues. Your encouragement is amazing for someone like me.

I spent 6 ½ years in prison starting on the 9th Dec 2010. I had just turned 50.

That is the day I walked into a police station of my own free will with a list of every crime I had committed. Long story short, I had everything a man could want at that point. However, I had a sexual addiction of the worst kind. After a failed suicide attempt the day before, I handed a written statement to the Police I had prepared on my own. I also requested that no solicitor be present.  1 ½ years later after intense investigation, the statement was found to be accurate and became my charges.

It cost me everything. My wife left me, my children disowned me, my dad cut me from his will, and my church abandoned me. I have no hard feelings because I deserved their treatment.

I guess looking back now I can see my addiction may have started when I was almost seven years old. That’s when three years of constant sexual abuse may have birthed the issues. However, I do not blame what happened to me as the cause of the devastation so many have felt because of my actions. Other men have had similar experiences, and they did not become like me. I own my past. If I didn’t, then I am not entitled to give it to God.

Locked in a prison cell and reading ‘He gives and takes away’ was probably the first time I got real with God, even though I had been a Christian for 25 years.

Today God has restored so much. My ex-wife today is my best friend.  We have walked the broken glass road of ‘Real Talk’. Her ability to forgive can only be likened to Christ. My children also walked a road of restoration and today we have better relationships than b