We live in a world that is now saturated with sexual images, and access to such images, videos and pornography in general, has never been easier. A few clicks on our phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop – and we are presented with a wide range of sexually explicit material.

This means that pornography has now become a part of many people’s lives, in fact, research shows that sadly even in the church, more than 70% of Christian men and one in five Christian women struggle with pornography and/or sexual addiction.

Sexual bondage can often result in feelings of shame and guilt, as well struggles with self-esteem and difficulty in forming healthy relationships. Long term sexual bondage has the power to destroy marriages, families and lives – especially if it has remained hidden.

But the good news is there is hope!

God can help you renew your mind and the desires of your heart, and a qualified counsellor can walk you through a journey of self-discovery and understanding. There are also many courses available to equip you with knowledge and tools, and getting connected to a small group will help you stay accountable as you find freedom and recover. Please let us know if you would like more information of a course or a group near you that can help you with your journey to sexual purity and freedom. Contact Momentum Australia.

The Key to Killing Lust

March 3rd, 2022|

Strategies are important in our battle against lust. But nothing arrests our souls with the urgency of purity like the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Speaker is John Piper. Listen to audio.

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