In this show, Des is talking with Colin Gibbons who has led, and is leading, a very interesting life. His earlier life was one of faith, however, we can all go astray like the Prodigal Son, and Colin went down that path for most of his life. Twists and turns have let him to where he is today, a Godly man.

About our Guest

Colin Gibbons

Colin Gibbons has had a career spanning many roles including:

  • RAAF including postings overseas
  • A truck driver in the construction industry
  • A timber mill and railway worker in the Snowy Mountains
  • A number of senior management roles in Queensland Government
  • Theological studies at Bible College of South Australia and Melbourne University
  • Ordination and pastoral ministry in the Baptist Church of Victoria
  • Pastoral counselling and chaplaincy role in a major Melbourne hospital

With a wide range of experience in industry and church settings, Colin has a compassion for men needing support and restoration in life. Having stumbled and failed in his search for meaning and been restored through the Grace of God, he has a deep understanding of the struggles that men face in negotiating life.

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