In this episode, Tim and Des talk with Derek Whitaker from Blu Sky Factory about Kingdom Finance (Finance and Purpose). Listen to podcast.

About our Guest

Derek Whitaker

After 14 years in the media, Derek made a huge career change in his 30’s into the finance industry. He became a consultant in a high-end law, accounting, and financial planning firm; while being trained by stock option traders on the stock market.

During this time, he noticed that the majority of people hated their jobs and weren’t really doing the work they were supposed to in their lives. So, with that in mind he began to look at trading as a means to an end, to help people step into their life purpose. During that time, he was approached to start teaching about stock options trading, and after 7-8 years in the corporate world started his own business in this area which later became known as Blu Sky Factory.  He works with students from all over the world.

Through a miraculous series of events he became a partner in a private trading group with international dealings.

He later launched a ministry with a team of leaders called Supernatural Finance, to help people connect their life purpose to the miraculous in the area of finance, while teaching about wealth through a biblical perspective in the market place. This work reaches people in Australia and also the Philippines with a free 6-month course called “4 Steps to Financial Breakthrough.”

His expertise is sought weekly on the radio show “The Greater Wealth” which is also released as a video and podcast. He was also asked to write the course “Stock Options Trading” for Mentor Education, a registered training organisation for financial planners in Australia.

Derek’s approach to finance is very different.  His belief is that your wallet isn’t big enough for you to truly do your life purpose. So, you will need faith and accessing God’s supernatural favour to resource it and see it come into fulfilment.

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