In an episode Tim and Des talk to Dr Bruce Robinson, the founder of The Fathering Project, discusses Fatherhood and its significance as Father’s Day approaches. Founded in 2013, The Fathering Project aims to empower fathers and father figures to excel in their parenting roles, ensuring their children’s flourishing. Bruce emphasises the impact of a stable and loving home on later life, underlining the organisation’s mission to support dads in becoming the best parents they can be. Listen to podcast.

About our Guest

Dr Bruce Robinson

Dr. Bruce Robinson's journey began in Fremantle in 1950, followed by a quintessential '50s-'60s childhood in Bassendean, where river swims, bike rides, and camping under starlit skies ignited his adventurous spirit. With ancestral ties to the Swan River Colony's inception, his multicultural perspective deepened through seven years of international living.

Married for 35 years to Jacqui, they nurtured three children—Simon, Scott, and Amy—alongside cherished grandchildren, rooted in unyielding family values. A pivotal 1988 accident prompted a fatherhood reassessment, reinforced by terminally ill patients' regrets about family time, leading him to establish The Fathering Project and author fathering books.

His narrative embodies resilience, echoing through his work as a cancer specialist. Confronting mortality underscored proactive, present connections to avert future regrets. Awarded Western Australian of the Year in 2013 for medical research and advocacy, he champions enhancing fatherhood and family bonds, leaving a legacy of commitment.

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