This is a 3 part series on relationships between Wayne and Janet. In this part 2, we hear from Janet of her story, her journey which led to meeting her husband, Wayne, and their life together. Listen to podcast.

About our Guest


Janet grew up in Christian home and experienced the life of a pastor’s kid in her teens. Her life has had many ups and downs including the loss of her father in her 20s followed by diagnosis of chronic illnesses which left her bedridden. She has gone through a divorce, experienced domestic violence and abuse, experienced long-term infertility and lost her only pregnancy through miscarriage. Despite all this, she has held onto her one constant, her rock, her Saviour, her friend…Jesus. She has trusted Him over and over to get her through.

In her marriage to Wayne, Janet learnt even more so what a prayer warrior is and how to hang on to God when there is no hope. Having had her second marriage restored and healed, she and her husband Wayne have a passion for helping marriages in turmoil succeed. Janet’s ministry is to come alongside broken people, encourage them to press into God and affirm them that God will restore refill renew and rebuild. He will create beauty from your ashes.

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