In this show, first of 2 parts, Tim and Des talk together about life in 2023, how we as men can do life much better than 2022. If we do the same as we did in 2022, we cannot expect different or better outcomes. Listen to podcast.

About our Guests

Timothy Charles

Tim was born and raised in the UK. Despite growing up in a non Christian home, he spent 10 years singing in a local church choir, before ‘going off the rails’ in his late teens.

At 25 he began a new life in Perth, Australia, and not long afterwards became a Christian.

He felt led to pursue a career in broadcasting, got married and became a father, but life was not short of surprises.

Parental rejection, divorce, suicidal tendencies, solo parenting, step parenting, surgery and poverty – are just some of the issues that Tim has had to journey through, but it’s this journey that has led him to pursue – and encourage others to pursue, an authentic relationship with God, with themselves and with those around them.

Des Kennedy

Des describes himself as a ‘Prodigal Son’, growing up in a loving Christian environment, but rejecting that life to find his own way in life. Some would call his life successful, however, Des looks back with regret on wasted years, on being a failed dad, and husband, and on finding faith in Jesus, how his life has turned around and is now focussed on serving others, particularly men.

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